today i learned – mon 4th sept 2017

alrighty then, i’m writing this whilst cruising over france at 33,000ft at over 500mph (and watching adventure time) i love technology πŸ™Š

anyway, if you ever needed a good reason to skip work on a monday, i’m about to give it to you 😏 #yourewelcome

#tdil that you’re more likely to have a heart attack on a monday than any other day! πŸ’” Continue reading “today i learned – mon 4th sept 2017”

today i learned – thurs 3rd august 2017

now, i’m really really lucky to have a job that i properly enjoy … like, i basically do what i dreamt of as a kid 😍.

even so, i can’t help but really want the job that i learned about today 😬 i’m pretty sure you’ll agree as soon as you hear the job title 😏

#tdil that nasa is currently hiring a new ‘planetary protection officer’ 😎 … i’m sorry, but that is the coolest job title ever. Continue reading “today i learned – thurs 3rd august 2017”