today i learned – fri 16th june 2017

due to an incredible need for sleep … we’re going to get straight into it today 😎 (i seem to say that quite a lot on this blog 😅)

anyway, if you’ve ever edited a video in a program like imovie before, then this little fact may just tickle your fancy 😏.

#tdil who ken burns is and why there’s a video effect named after him! 🎥 Continue reading “today i learned – fri 16th june 2017”

today i learned – sat 3rd june 2017

right, we’re going to get pretty much straight to the point 😅 i’m loving a good ole weekend migraine today 😷 so bed is required.

moan over … although, it feeds quite nicely into what we’re talking about today 😏 … today, we’re talking about what could possibly be the biggest paper cut ever 😳.

#tdil that you can use paper as a saw blade and it’ll cut through many things ⚙️ … like, wood and stuff!  Continue reading “today i learned – sat 3rd june 2017”