today i learned – sat 29th july 2017

despite the fact that i’ve spent all day with mad racing cars 🏎 … today’s fact is going to be about presidents and planes ✈️ (that should be an album).

originally, I’d wanted to get another shark week fact in there … but i didn’t learn anything fun about them today 😭

#tdil that air force one isn’t actually one plane … it’s any air force plane that the president is on 🤙🏻 Continue reading “today i learned – sat 29th july 2017”

today i learned – fri 14th apr 2017

unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll probably be aware of all the mad things that trump has been up to recently that often end up with a large explosion 💥. 

now, i’m not going to get all political (put bluntly, i don’t know enough about world politics 👍🏻) however, today’s fact is us president based and i couldn’t think of another intro 🙈.

#tdil that there is such thing as a “designated survivor” – a dude/dude-ess that becomes president should all of congress be killed 😳. Continue reading “today i learned – fri 14th apr 2017”