today i learned – sun 12th nov 2017

it’s remembrance sunday! so i hope that you’re all going to be observing a one minute silence (if you didn’t yesterday!) … did an armistice day fact yesterday, so go read it ->here<-

anyway, on to today – one of the best things about this blog is the surprising things that you find out! today’s fact falls into the category! πŸ€”

#tdil that the world’s largest tyre manufacturer is actually lego! 😳

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today i learned – weds 22nd feb 2017

it would seem that i’m sticking with yesterday’s theme of learning something about a place. unlike yesterday, however, today’s place is slightly closer to home … in fact, really close to home, like literally at the end of the road close to home. #tdil things about that super exciting place named coalville! (rock and roll or what?!).

turns out that, despite being called some less than lovely things these days, coalville has actually got some pretty cool claims to fame, some of which you’d totally never expect. let the masterclass in coalville-ology begin.Β  Continue reading “today i learned – weds 22nd feb 2017”