today i learned – mon 7th aug 2017

as promised yesterday, today i’ve been looking into that whole taking a picture of a black hole thing that i mentioned 😏

headache gone and black hole sun blasting in my lug ‘ole 👂🏻 (it’s by soundgarden … it’s ace … get on it!) it’s time to go full science on this shizz 🤓

#tdil i learned that scientists may have managed to take a real life actual photo of a black hole 😱 … that’s actually nuts. Continue reading “today i learned – mon 7th aug 2017”

today i learned – thurs 22nd june 2017

now, if you’ve read some of my previous blog posts, then you’ll probably know that i’m fairly obsessed with space #thefinalfrontier 🚀. if you didn’t know until now … well now you do 🙃.

anyway, today’s little fact is something that was unveiled earlier this week and basically confirms that at some point aliens are going to come and invade earth 👽 (it doesn’t … but in my head it does).

#tdil that the kepler spacecraft has found a shed load of planets during its mission … some of which are earth sized and could have water! 🛰 Continue reading “today i learned – thurs 22nd june 2017”