today i learned – sat 29th july 2017

despite the fact that i’ve spent all day with mad racing cars 🏎 … today’s fact is going to be about presidents and planes ✈️ (that should be an album).

originally, I’d wanted to get another shark week fact in there … but i didn’t learn anything fun about them today 😭

#tdil that air force one isn’t actually one plane … it’s any air force plane that the president is on 🤙🏻 Continue reading “today i learned – sat 29th july 2017”

today i learned – thurs 8th june 2017

today’s random fact is one that was, once again, taught to me by radio one’s rather brilliant greg james … this time during a conversation about pooing on trains 💩. the world truly is a wonderful place 🙊 

sadly, i’m not best chums with famous radio one djs in real life 😭 so, if you listen to radio one, you have probably already heard this random nugget. 

#tdil that sometimes human waste can fall from aeroplanes and turn into mad frozen toilet bombs 😳  Continue reading “today i learned – thurs 8th june 2017”

today i learned – fri 21st apr 2017

due to me being generally amazed by flying contraptions and having only recently got back off holiday, i’m literally loving today’s little life lesson … “life lesson” is a strong phrase to use 😂 

anyway, #tdil that a recent proposal (that went mad viral on social … apparently 🤔) saw a dude say that we should start using circular runways instead of the boring straight ones that we currently have 😳.  Continue reading “today i learned – fri 21st apr 2017”

today i learned – weds 5th apr 2017

when it comes to preparing for holidays, there are two types of people in this world – those who are super prepared and those who pack the night before 🙈 … i can safely say that i’m the latter of the two. 

tomorrow (in four hours) we go on holiday! 😬 #yaaaaay but i’ve only just packed … really hope that i’ve got everything. anyway, the fact i’m already getting zero sleep and still have things to do, this is probably going to be super short (i always say that) and holiday based! 

#tdil why you’re allowed potentially explosive things in a plane’s cargo hold and not hand luggage.  Continue reading “today i learned – weds 5th apr 2017”