today i learned – sun 30th july 2017

have you ever been having a whale of a time when suddenly your neck or back decide to become mad painful? 😣

you know, that sharp pain that makes it impossible to look in certain directions? subsequently making it really easy for lions to creep up on you? yeah, that happened to me today … minus the lions … made for a good fact though 😏

#tdil what knots in muscles actually are 🤙🏻 … turns out that they aren’t actually knots 🙃 Continue reading “today i learned – sun 30th july 2017”

today i learned – fri 10th mar 2017

today, i’m going to give you a tip that might one day save your life … lol jokes, not really “save your life”. it might, however, help the tip of your tongue 😏.

#tdil that if you burn your tongue, you should dip it in sugar to relieve the pain 👍🏻.

now, sugar has to be one of my favourite things in the entire world but i’m not making this up! i was originally given this fact by a friend at work 😬 (#thankyou) and after a bit of research on the interwebnet it would seem lots of people agree … even colgate!  Continue reading “today i learned – fri 10th mar 2017”