today i learned – fri 18th aug 2017

if you are one of those super cool people who shall be frequenting leeds or reading festival this year, you’re going to want to read this …

i’m afraid that i have dyer news for you … like, you may want to just get your refund now and save the hassle πŸ˜•

#tdil that pineapples have been banned from both leeds and reading 🍍 #actualtragedy Continue reading “today i learned – fri 18th aug 2017”

today i learned – thurs 20th july 2017

i had already written a post got today, but after the news that i’ve just seen, that one can wait until tomorrow.

in some horrendously sad news, chester bennington (of linkin park fame) has passed away.

growing up, that band was a massive part of my life … i’d sit for hours waiting for in the end to play on kerrang … they were the reason that i ever even got into punk and rock.

genuinely heartbroken by the news … it feels only right, that today’s fact is all linkin park.

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today i learned – sun 14th may 2017

i literally cannot think of a decent intro to this blog post today 😳 my brain appears to have turned into some sunday mess of jelly with no ability for thought πŸ˜….

regardless, today we’re going to be discussing possibly the greatest era of history ever πŸ™Š that one with frank sinatra, sammy davis jr, dean martin and marilyn monroe (to name a few πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜) … literally #wehavetogoback.

#tdil that it didn’t go well when frank sinatra was born … in fact, they actually thought he wasn’t alive 😳 (there’s some other facts about the icon’s birth as well πŸ‘πŸ»). Continue reading “today i learned – sun 14th may 2017”

today i learned – mon 10th apr 2017

today is a very special day 😬 it’s my sister’s 18th birthday! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚ as such i had sought to find out if there’s anything interesting about why 18th birthdays are so special or something like that. 

i wasn’t successful … instead i got distracted by the music being played in my ear hole and found out some interesting stuff about liam lynch and subsequently tenacious d 😈. 

#tdil that, as well as being the dude who made “united states of whatever” 🀘🏻, liam lynch was the guy who directed the video for the greatest song ever “tribute” … well, the tribute to the greatest song ever πŸ˜‚. 

that’s not the only link that liam has with the boys from tenacious d either – he also directed their film “the pick of destiny” and had loads to do with short films that were shown throughout one of their tours. 

whilst the pick of destiny wasn’t the greatest film ever made πŸ˜… #awks, both the song and the video for tribute were warmly received. i’m pretty sure that everyone of that generation is a fan of that song πŸ‘πŸ».

as a bit of a bonus fact (and because this is currently far too short) there are rumours that the song that is referred to in tribute is actually the tencious d portion of the song ‘beelzeboss’ at the end of the pick of destiny πŸ€”. 

if you look at it, there are actually quite a few little correlations between the two songs! for starters, they later describe the song in the pick of destiny as ‘the greatest song in the world’ … just like in tribute. 

that said, in tribute they say that the devil asked if they were angels … in the pick of destiny the devil uses some choice language followed by “lame” and then tries to take kyle as his slave … so, you know, not quite the same feeling πŸ˜‚. although, can you imagine kyle and jb admitting that they made a bad song? πŸ€”.

go watch the tribute video –>here<–

with it being the sister’s birthday, this post has been somewhat rushed πŸ™ˆ and i feel bad that i’ve just made you sit through it πŸ˜…. oh well, maybe it’ll be useful in a music quiz one day πŸ‘πŸ»

ciao adios 😝🀘🏻 #tdil


if you’ve lasted this long (#deserveamedal) and feel like you like to read something actually worthwhile, then you can find the rest of my blog –>here<– … there’s some actually interesting things to read 😬


(today’s picture isn’t actually the image that i wanted to use today but i was scared the other one might get me sued 😭 … this is a wallpaper, so hopefully life is all good if i use it πŸ‘πŸ»)

today i learned – sun 5th mar 2017

need to make this one super quick…i’ve been up script writing all night, so now i only have 22mins to get this #tdil live before monday happens!

right, if i’m honest, i’m really surprised by the source of today’s lesson – spotify! who knew that a streaming service could teach you something whilst also delivering great ear pleasure music?! #multitaskinglikeabeast.

#tdil all about kiiara’s song ‘gold’ #tune. did you know that the message behind the song is that you shouldn’t have to answer to anyone? Continue reading “today i learned – sun 5th mar 2017”