today i learned – sun 26th mar 2017

you could say that i’m slightly toeing a line with today’s lesson. despite only having two hours sleep and waking up at 4am for the f1 (a phone based hour forward cock up made for my phone going forwards two hours 😭 subsequently making for much less sleep than intended) i’ve not really learned anything today #awks.

however, last night we did all watch a beautiful mind. how is that relevant? well, at just after midnight, i happened to google the film and learned all sorts of facts about the real life events that go along with the film. as any minute ‘after midnight’ is technically today, i’m totally counting it as the thing i learned today 😏 (even if i did go to bed just afterwards and it feels like cheating).

anyway, #tdil that the fantastic film ‘a beautiful mind’ isn’t actually a million miles away from reality. if i’m honest, i’m actually super happy about that fact … i really don’t like it when ‘based on real life events’ actually means “the main character in real life also had a blue fiesta once but nothing else we filmed has anything to do with real life” 😒. Continue reading “today i learned – sun 26th mar 2017”

today i learned – sat 18th mar 2017

alrighty then! today, we’re talking social media – a thing that the majority of us enjoy in some way shape or form. did you know what some of us enjoy it a bit too much and that there is a legit disorder to do with facebook addiction?! … #tdil that facebook addiction disorder (or f.a.d) is an actual thing 😳

well, according to an american psychologist it is … in fact, a casino site once mentioned that facebook is like a casino in that “it provides an atmosphere from which it is hard to walk away”.  Continue reading “today i learned – sat 18th mar 2017”