today i learned – thurs 5th apr 2018

every now and then, i quite like keeping y’all up-to-date with the latest internetweb based fads 😏

far from being another awful soap eating challenge or something like that 🙈 this one is actually something you should try! 🙌🏻

#tdil that japan has a new craze where they take a ball of aluminium and polish it into a gorgeous ball of shiny goodness 😍 Continue reading “today i learned – thurs 5th apr 2018”

today i learned – thurs 30th mar 2017

alrighty then (i really hope that you read that in your head just like ace ventura) today’s thing that i learned was about a topic that is very close to my heart – internet memes 😂

#tdil all about a theoretical law that is said to have caused the first meme 👍🏻 … i’m sure you’ll agree that this is vital information 😏. anyway, lets get into it.  Continue reading “today i learned – thurs 30th mar 2017”