today i learned – sat 28th oct 2017

yesterday, i went to the beach 👍🏻 it was pretty glorious – there was sun, drifting and sand (because beach).

there was also a load of random jellyfish just chilling on the sand … they probably should have been in the sea 😳 #awks. anyway, jellyfish fact incoming 🙌🏻

#tdil that jellyfish are sci-fi beasts that have the ability to clone themselves?! 😱 Continue reading “today i learned – sat 28th oct 2017”

today i learned – weds 2nd aug 2017

have you ever just looked at someone fairly useless and just thought “how do you even manage to life?!” 😳

in the animal kingdom, i guess the equivalent entity to this would be the jellyfish … like, they have no bones, no heart and no brain … how are they even a thing?! 🤔 well:

#tdil how jellyfish are even alive 🐙 … i also learned that they aren’t even fish!? 🐠 (there isn’t a jellyfish emoji … so octopus will have to do 💁🏼) Continue reading “today i learned – weds 2nd aug 2017”