today i learned – weds 15th nov 2017

after yesterday’s fact about singapore, we’re remaining in the far east 😬 this time, however, we’re heading to my favourite country – japan 🇯🇵

(this is a fact about japan … expect a bit of madness, a splash of crazy and a sploosh of weird 👍🏻 … strap in people)

#tdil there is a village in japan that has been almost taken over by dolls 😳 (i did warn you about the sploosh of weird 😅).

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today i learned – thurs 31st aug 2017

first order of business! this is post 201 😬 (once again, i missed the actual milestone 🙃). but yeah, how damn awesome is that?! 🙊 201 days of entirely pointless facts 👍🏻.

today is no different … if i’m honest, this is probably the most random post to date 😂

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today i learned – thurs 11th may 2017

as you’ve probably noticed, i use a lot of emojis, hashtags and terms like lol, lmao and rofl (sometimes, i even use yolo ironically … although, it now occurs so often that i’m not sure it still counts as ironic 😳) … it would seem that i’m not alone,  we all love a good lolololol. 

but, you’ll be interested to know that not all countries ‘lol’  and there are some weird alternatives out there! 

(whilst that first bit may have just seemed like a self-interested paragraph about me, it actually sets us up for today’s little fact about life 👍🏻)

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today i learned – sat 6th may 2017

long time readers of the blog (i don’t know if i have any of those 🙃) will know that i’m quite obsessed with japan 🇯🇵… we’re talking everything from their cars to their food. 

as such, i tend to have soy sauce on everything … to the point that i’ve even started making stir frys specifically to enjoy some lovely soy sauce. 

#tdil the actual method that is used to create my favourite jdm condiment 🔰 (if i’m honest, i totally can’t claim responsibility for inspiration on this one #youknowwhoyouare 😏)

so, as you can probably guess, soy sauce is made using soya beans and can come in either light or dark variants. what you may not know is just how long it takes to make soy sauce 😳

traditionally, there are three distinct steps when it comes to making soy sauce: koji-making, brine fermentation and refining. 

in the first stage, select soybeans are blended with wheat. shortly after, a seed mold is introduced and the mixture is left to mature for three days. the resulting mixture is called “koji”.

for the second stage – brine fermentation – the koji is transferred to a fermentation tank and saltwater is added. the subsequent ‘mash’ is named moromi. it is at this point that all of the waiting happens – at least seven months of waiting whilst the moromi is fermented with yeast and bacteria 😭 

it is the length of fermentation that determines whether the soy sauce is light or dark – dark soy sauce is left to mature for longer. 

once all of the waiting is over, the third and final stage can begin 😬. the fermented moromi now goes through a period of filtration to remove the solids from the raw soy sauce. 

the filtered solution is then refined, pasteurised and packaged as tasty tasty soy sauce 😍😍😍 … i don’t know how long it then takes it to reach our local morrisons but it ends up in my belly shortly after 😏.

there’s also a none-brewing method … but that’s all modern and boring 🙃. it involves all sorts of machines and putting soybeans in hydrochloric acid and stuff. frankly, i preferred the brewing method and that’s why i wrote about it 👍🏻

right, that’s your lot for today 😬 i’ve got important things like telly watching to do 😂. go forth and enjoy yourself some kikkoman 😎🔰 (not a sponsored post but by god i wish it was 😱)

byyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😝 #tdil


have you enjoyed your little bit of soy sauce production goodness? fancy some more useless facts? well, luckily i have a whole blog filled with them. just go –>here<–


(that picture is of the best soy sauce out there 😱 kikkoman tamari 😍 … sadly it’s gluten free because i live in a house with people who don’t eat real food 🙃 #stillamazing)