today i learned – mon 3rd apr 2017

ok, so … today’s blog post is going to be a bit unbelievable but bear with me … because it’s also ridiculous and incredible and totally nuts 👍🏻 the best collection of things that can possibly happen 😂

lets get into it – #tdil that it once rained frogs in mexico 😳🐸. like legit … i know how ridiculous that sounds but it totally did back in 1997 in villa angel flores, mexico.  Continue reading “today i learned – mon 3rd apr 2017”

today i learned – sun 12th mar 2017

hey, guess what! today i learned a fact about frogs! 🐸 #ribbit (i think that’s how to spell that). #tdil that frogs hibernate.

this actually came about because i spotted  loads of frogspawn and frogs during today’s dog walk 🙂 and if i’m honest, i’ve never really thought about what happens in the stages between being an adult frog and frogspawn appearing in spring … due to the limited frog life cycle that they teach you in school, my head only actually went up to “frog becomes an adult frog” … after that, they just fade into nothing. Continue reading “today i learned – sun 12th mar 2017”