today i learned – sat 28th oct 2017

yesterday, i went to the beach πŸ‘πŸ» it was pretty glorious – there was sun, drifting and sand (because beach).

there was also a load of random jellyfish just chilling on the sand … they probably should have been in the sea 😳 #awks. anyway, jellyfish fact incoming πŸ™ŒπŸ»

#tdil that jellyfish are sci-fi beasts that have the ability to clone themselves?! 😱 Continue reading “today i learned – sat 28th oct 2017”

today i learned – weds 2nd aug 2017

have you ever just looked at someone fairly useless and just thought “how do you even manage to life?!” 😳

in the animal kingdom, i guess the equivalent entity to this would be the jellyfish … like, they have no bones, no heart and no brain … how are they even a thing?! 🤔 well:

#tdil how jellyfish are even alive 🐙 … i also learned that they aren’t even fish!? 🐠 (there isn’t a jellyfish emoji … so octopus will have to do 💁🏼) Continue reading “today i learned – weds 2nd aug 2017”

today i learned – thurs 27th july 2017

you know, nature is a pretty amazing thing … somehow, be it through god or otherwise, it has created incredible animals that adapt to all walks of life in unique ways.

even so, there are some combinations that even hollywood directors leave alone 😳 i feel that this is one of them.

#tdil of the existence (well … it used to be a thing) of a shark-like creature that basically had a buzzsaw in its mouth 🙃 Continue reading “today i learned – thurs 27th july 2017”

today i learned – tues 25th july 2017

unlike yesterday’s failed attempt at a shark based fact for #sharkweek 🦈, today has been a success 😏.

because we’re damn super cool on this here blog, we’re gon’ be super awesome and combine two parts of popular culture – selfies and shark week #goals.

#tdil that (in 2015 at least) more people die due to selfies than shark attacks 😳 #awks Continue reading “today i learned – tues 25th july 2017”

today i learned – weds 5th july 2017

today’s fact is one that i really didn’t ever expect to learn … especially as it came from a video on youtube with absolutely zero relevance to animals!

the fact concerns itself with everyone’s favourite clever water dweller – dolphins 🐬 … i’m not yet certain whether i’m impressed or disappointed πŸ€”.

#tdil that dolphins chew puffer fish on β€˜porpoise’ (dolphin joke πŸ˜‚) to get high #dolphinsbetrippin. Continue reading “today i learned – weds 5th july 2017”

today i learned – sat 24th june 2017

**note: i didn’t finish this before the taxi arrived … so it’s posted very late and half of it was written after much drink … πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸΊπŸΈ #lol. right, on we go!**

alright, this one is going to have to be fairly quick … we’ve a taxi arriving in, like, ten minutes to take us into town and these posts usually take about thirty mins to write 😳

so, in lieu of a time machine that can be used to make me more productive earlier today, we’re just gonna have to get on with the show!

#tdil that it is a myth that sharks can’t get cancer 🦈 Continue reading “today i learned – sat 24th june 2017”

today i learned – fri 2nd june 2017

despite this being a short week, it’s been a long week πŸ˜’ that said, i have just learned loads of things 😏 … lots of it about executions ☠️ like, properly eye opening stuff about executions. 

unfortunately, at this time, i don’t really understand enough of it to make a full post about it … also, it’s ruddy depressing and today isn’t a day for depressing. instead, here’s something about fish πŸ˜‚

#tdil that goldfish are actually really clever! they’ve been getting a bad deal for all these years and they aren’t even stooopid 🐟. Continue reading “today i learned – fri 2nd june 2017”

today i learned – mon 22nd may 2017

today we’re going weird, wonderful and animal based … well, parasite and fish based πŸ‘πŸ»

like honestly, it’s properly surreal today. as you may expect, that means that this fact was learned from snapchat once again πŸ™ˆ

#tdil that there is a parasite out there that attaches to the tongue of the red snapper 🐟 and subsequently entirely replaces the organ … it just latches on and takes a career as the fish’s tongue! 😳 Continue reading “today i learned – mon 22nd may 2017”