today i learned – fri 7th july 2017

when i was first told today’s fact, i 100% totally didn’t believe it … it was contested by multiple people in the room and it wasn’t until the internetweb was consulted that any of us let it go (let it goooo ❄️).

that said, now that i know this is a legit thing, i’m glad that i was told it (the person who started the discussion doesn’t deserve a credit though … she’s not worth it 😜 #playfulbanter #itsthatkindoffriendship)

#tdil that multiple people either die or are injured by stray bullets due to ‘celebratory gunfire’ every new year 😳 Continue reading “today i learned – fri 7th july 2017”

today i learned – thurs 20th apr 2017

have you seen that film – “sharknado”? 🦈you know, that ridiculous one where a tornado scoops up a load of sharks and fires them at a city? (turns out, it’s not all that ridiculous as it did actually happen 😳 that’s –>here<– if you want it).

anyhew, whilst that’s not what this post is about, today’s thing that i learned definitely reminds of the horrors that the film portrayed … other than General terribleness 🙈 #awks

#tdil that in 2012, a shopping mall shark tank exploded, spilling sharks and water all over the shopping mall 😶 nope, nope, nope and nope. Continue reading “today i learned – thurs 20th apr 2017”