today i learned – mon 6th nov 2017

ever been on holiday to another country and then had to randomly drive on the β€˜wrong’ side of the road? (wrong definitely depends where you live! πŸ™ˆ) yeah, what’s with that!? πŸ€”

it was actually my mom that raised this question … it’s a real good one 😎

#tdil the reason why different countries drive on different sides of the road πŸš— Continue reading “today i learned – mon 6th nov 2017”

today i learned – tues 24th oct 2017

unlike 90% of this blog, today’s fact won’t help you in a pub quiz … but it might just help you in actual real life πŸ‘πŸ»

if you’re a motorist, you might find this one interesting πŸ™‚ … i drive a lot but i didn’t know this!

#tdil that smart motorways have little lay-bys called β€˜emergency refuge areas’ for if you breakdown πŸš— Continue reading “today i learned – tues 24th oct 2017”