today i learned – tues 11th apr 2017

despite the fact that we’ve been on holiday for almost a week now, last night was the first time that we’ve actually encountered the infamous cockroach (this year at least). 

as you’d expect, as charlie (that’s his name) came barreling towards our patio, there were screams & shouts and a rather large kerfuffle broke out. it was highly amusing watching multiple people jump onto chairs like the lady out of tom and jerry 😂

after all of the excitement had ended and conversation began once more, there were no end of claims about how indestructible roachs are and how squashing them releases their eggs 🤔. 

i’ve subsequently investigated this fact 👍🏻 #tdil that you don’t release the young in some horror movie-esque way when you step on a cockroach (to be honest, you shouldn’t be stepping on them anyway … it’s mean 😠). Continue reading “today i learned – tues 11th apr 2017”