today i learned – fri 28th apr 2017

so, i’m still on the hunt to answer the request that i received yesterday 😒 who knew that finding out information about glassware would be so difficult?! #ergh

anyway, during my time spent browsing the internetweb and tweeting all of the people. i accidentally learned something else about glassware 👍🏻 so, for today at least, you’re stuck with that one 😅

#tdil the reason why glass tumblers are called ‘tumblers’ … i also learned that the word ‘tumbler’ was actually a thing 🙈 #awks Continue reading “today i learned – fri 28th apr 2017”

today i learned – thurs 27th apr 2017

today, i received my first ever request to learn something! how very exciting 😬😬

however, this blog post isn’t about the thing that was requested 😳 #sozza … you’re going to have to wait for it, i’m afraid (because i haven’t found an answer to the question yet 😅). anyway, on with the show 👍🏻

#tdil that the colour ‘orange’ is named after the fruit and not the other way around 😱 Continue reading “today i learned – thurs 27th apr 2017”