today i learned – tues 12th sept 2017

apple fanboys like myself will no doubt have just enjoyed the ultimate geek fest πŸ€“ courtesy of the apple dudes standing on stage and telling us how awesome they are πŸ™ƒ.

now, whilst i can’t afford an iphone x 😭😭 i thought it only right to have an apple fact today, in honour of their awesome event and products!

#tdil that the first β€˜proper’ phone call on the original iphone was a prank call! πŸ“± Continue reading “today i learned – tues 12th sept 2017”

today i learned – fri 25th aug 2017

find your best hipster glasses and grab yourself a starbucks – it’s apple geek β€˜o’ clock people πŸ€“.

today, we’re going for some random apple trivia that you might not have ever even realised!

#tdil that the icon used for apple maps actually includes apple’s headquarters – 1 infinite loop (told you it was geeky πŸ˜‚) Continue reading “today i learned – fri 25th aug 2017”

today i learned – sat 5th aug 2017

i has originally planned to be super efficient today … i was going to have this all written and posted by lunchtime! however, i’m not good at efficient – so, we’re back to racing against the clock! 😒

that said, i’m sooooo impressed with today’s fact … it has legit blown my mind 😵 like, what the actual?!

#tdil that an iphone 📱 with a full hard drive is actually heavier than it was the day that you picked it up 😱. Continue reading “today i learned – sat 5th aug 2017”

today i learned – mon 17th july 2017

ok, this is probably going to be a short one 🙈 … like, really short … but i just couldn’t miss this post out!

wondering why? well, it’s about emojis of course! 😂 possibly my favourite things in the whole entire world … i think i actually prefer emojis to people 🙃.

#tdil that today – 17th july – was #worldemojiday 😱😱😱 a whole day devoted to emojis?! #life 🙌🏻 Continue reading “today i learned – mon 17th july 2017”

today i learned – weds 31st may 2017

it’s been yet another rather lovely evening tonight (despite the hayfever πŸ‘πŸ»). i’m starting to get used to these long warm eves πŸ˜β˜€οΈ

anyhew, random off piste intro complete, lets get on with the important stuff – useless factoids πŸ™ƒ … today we’re going back to the wonderful world of apple once more!

#tdil that the time that iphones display on all iphone adverts is always 09:41am πŸ“±. Continue reading “today i learned – weds 31st may 2017”

today i learned – sun 21st may 2017

you know we had that post recently about apple being all cool and designing pizza boxes for all of their employees? (go –>here<– for that one) well, this weekend has been fairly eye opening and it appears apple aren’t all that cool after all πŸ˜’.

(i’m pretty certain that writing something like that on an apple phone might cause my device to explode πŸ™ƒ … or they’ll remotely cancel all of my alarms and get me fired #dontgetanyideas) anyhew, let’s get on with it. 

#tdil that the original voices for siri had no idea that they were going to siri and they subsequently didn’t get paid 😳. Continue reading “today i learned – sun 21st may 2017”

today i learned – thurs 18th may 2017

once again, snapchat stories has taught me something πŸ™ŒπŸ» good old snapchat never lets me down πŸ™Š … instagram might be stealing all of your unique selling points but they don’t be teaching people stuff 😏.

dad just returned home with chocolate and i’ve also just found a bottle of vintage red … today has taken a rather brilliant turn 😬 anyway, we’ve gone proper off piste … i think that’ll do for actual blog stuff πŸ˜… on with today’s fact! 

#tdil that apple – you know, those dudes and dudettes that make iphones and shizz – have invented their own pizza box and patented it and everything!  Continue reading “today i learned – thurs 18th may 2017”

today i learned – tues 2nd may 2017

i’ll be honest, the bank holiday has totally thrown me off and i 100% put the day as monday πŸ˜…. 

anyway! i’ve just been to watch guardians of the galaxy 2 and it was the greatest time of my entire life 😍 the downside is that i now have very little time to get this live before i miss today 😳 we should probably get into it. 

#tdil that a new apple patent has been filed for a way to charge your phone over wifi πŸ“‘ Continue reading “today i learned – tues 2nd may 2017”