today i learned – weds 29th may 2019

this one still blows my mind 😂 if you’ve ever thought you’re good at excel, this is for you 🙈

#tdil that it is possible to become ‘world champion of microsoft excel’ 🏆😱 … o.m.actual.g 🙌🏻

now, you’re probably thinking that i’m talking about some small competition that happens one a year in some small dingy school canteen in the states … nah, this is a legit competition with a $7,000 prize! 💰

the competition in question is actually called the ‘microsoft office specialist world championship’ and it happens every year … apparently 😳 … like, it’s been around for 16 years?! #lolawks

whilst the ‘microsoft olympics’ (yes, i just renamed it) isn’t actually ran by microsoft, it’s the only competition of its kind that is approved by the tech giants.

it’s actually ran by a company called ‘certiport’ … they contract with microsoft to create ‘certification testing and educational materials’ to teach word, excel and powerpoint in schools 👍🏻.

right, i feel like i’ve probably tempted you in 😏 want to know what tasks await you? it’s pretty simple; you basically just get tested through tasks and project on your chosen microsoft office product! (there’s a champion crowned for each) 💻. the tests are designed to prove your proficiency at creating mad documents.

unfortunately, certiport only allow students aged between 15-22 to compete 😕 and they all take it super seriously apparently … they have strict training schedules and everything 😳

if i’m honest, i feel like they’ve seriously messed up on the whole age range thing 🙈 i know zero people in that age range that would even consider entering 😂 … it’s better than pokemon go, i guess!

laterz yo! 💁🏼 #tdil


i wonder if there will ever be a ‘useless fact giver champion of the world’ 🤔, i could totally win that! go see for yourself ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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