today i learned – thurs 23rd may 2019

when i think about this fact, i can’t help but think about how many times this dude had to put up with that silly warning 😂

#tdil someone once binge watched the office for so long that netflix actually checked up on them 😅

well, they supposedly did 🙈 if their story on reddit is to be believed (i think this still counts? 🤔).

the story goes that reddit user ‘king-salamander’ (that name is winning at life 🙌🏻) suffers from depression and, during a particularly bad spell a few years ago, he watched the entire nine seasons of the office nonstop 😳

that’s literally nuts … like, there are 20-30 episodes in every season … so to finish it all in the ‘around 5-10 days’ that he quotes, he’d have had to watch it continuously, with zero interruption for the entire period 🙈

king salamander goes on to say that he eventually received an email from netflix expressing their concern that his ‘viewing activity was very different to usual’ (i doubt there are many people who have his as normal activity!)

the dude actually has no proof that this occurred 🙄 but netflix are very active when it comes to being generally cool on social media/supplying customer service … and, let’s face it, if anything is going to grab netflix’s attention, it’s probably 10 days of continuous binging! 😂

peace 😍 #tdil


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