today i learned – weds 22nd may 2019

much like my day, researching this one has been an emotional rollercoaster of disappointment 🙈😂😢

#tdil there used to be a pink lake in western australia and it was awesome! 😱

that’s right, until 2017, you could rock over to esperance, western australia, and witness an insane bubblegum pink lake 😍 … like, we’re talking full on pink 🙌🏻

i was mega excited when i read that a pink lake exists 😱 that’s when i discovered, however, that it doesn’t anymore 😢 in 2017 it lost its colour 😭

whilst many locals and tourists have been left confused by this, conservation peeps say that it has happened due to new roads and a new rail line 🚂

you see, the pink colour was said to be caused by the saline rich water promoting the growth of green algae that contains the pigment ‘beta-carotene’ … this pigment is what caused the pinkness 👍🏻

conservation peeps say that the new highway and rail line have stemmed the natural flow of water into the salt lake system … causing it to lose its saline rich properties and subsequently the mega-pink algae 😢

due to the lack of pinkness, the locals are now looking to change the lake’s name from ‘pink lake’ back to its original name ‘lake spencer’ 🙄 #boring

now, it’s not all doom and gloom! it is said that, with some clever engineering and plenty of time, it could be possible to restart the flow of water into the lake, up the salt levels and hopefully turn the lake pink again! 😁

this literally needs to happen 🙌🏻

byeee 😅 #tdil


that ended fairly abruptly 🙈 but it was getting long aha 😂 fancy reading some more goodness? just take a gander ->here<-

(pictures! the second image is ->here<- and the header is ->here<-)

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