today i learned – sun 19th may 2019

there’s a new godzilla film coming out this month and i’m hella mega excited 🙈 as such, here’s a godzilla fact!

#tdil the original godzilla film was a metaphor for the atomic bomb 😱

so yeah, there’s more to godzilla than just a giant monster that crashes through cities … it’s actually quite a narrative about the devastation that happened at the end of ww2 😳

you see, when the war ended, japan was heavily censored by the west and wasn’t allowed to make stuff about the horrors of hiroshima and nagasaki 😢

instead they created a creature film that featured a giant nuclear monster (godzilla) unapologetically destroying japan and leaving behind radiation everywhere he goes 🙈

that right there is simply a metaphor for the whole – horrific – thing that happened with the two nuclear bombs 😢

and there you have it, a whole hidden meaning that has been forgotten since the first film all those years ago! crazy! that’s us today peeps 😘

laters 💪🏻 #tdil


actually love this fact … like, it literally blew my mind 🤯 fancy learning something else? take a look ->here<-

(only one image today 😊 the header came from ->here<-)

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