today i learned – sat 18th may 2019

after learning this, i can’t help but think that elon is messing around at something … space is real close!

#tdil that if you drive straight upwards at 60mph, you’ll be in space in just one hour! 😱

that’s right, just one hour! basically, what have nasa been playing about at, making giant rockets?! all they need is a fiat punto and a big road that points straight upwards! #goingup 🚗

anyway, the science behind this mad fact was originally pointed out by astronomer fred hoyle. apparently the shortest distance to space is just 62 miles … so about the same as driving from leicester to bicester (if you’re a car person like me, that’ll be relatable 😂).

now, that may be all well and good – you might be able to get your little hatchback into space – but what about if you want to go drive about on another planet? well, providing you pick the moon #becauseclose 🌕 it’ll take you considerably longer 😳.

that’s because the moon is a whole 250,000 miles away … (only a short distance). wondering how long that mental journey would take you? according to fred, you’ll be embarking on an epic roadtrip that’ll take six months!

providing you take plenty of snacks, a few cans of monster energy, something to wee in and much oxygen … oh, and you have a vertical super long road … I imagine that it’d be a pretty awesome roadtrip 😬 i’m down, who’s with me??

right, I got to go peeps! have a good day!! 😘

byeeeeeeeeee 🙌🏻 #tdil


how mad?! who is coming on my mad roadtrip to the moon? in the meantime, whilst you decide, why don’t you go have a read of more blog posts? just go ->here<-

(pictures! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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