today i learned – weds 15th may 2019

today’s fact is literally insane and i love it 😂😂

#tdil that someone once tried to sue the devil 😈

yep, you read the right, someone legit tried to sue satan! 🙈 how mental is that?! 😅

it actually happened in 1971 and saw a dude named gerald mayo file a class action lawsuit against the ‘devil and his staff’ 😏

gerald’s grounds were basically that satan and his staff had ruined his life 🙈 … if i’m honest, that’s surely just satan doing his job correctly? 😂 dude can’t catch a break!

anyway, the suit never really got anywhere after the court rejected it on multiple grounds … two of which make my actual life 😁.

the first is that they didn’t really know where to send the suit in order to notify satan 😅 like, how do you get in touch with the devil?! 🙈

the second is that, even if they could get in touch with him, they weren’t really sure if he’s bound by us law 🙃 … they even went as far to say that he’s technically a foreign prince and would probably have diplomatic immunity 😏 #ballin

goodbyeeee 😆 #tdil


actually loving life 👍🏻 if you feel like reading some more random facts of goodness, just go ->here<-

(so, image time! the first image is ->here<- and the second image/header is ->here<-)

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