today i learned – sun 12th may 2019

enjoy your privacy? china is not the country for you 😅

#tdil that china has the largest number of cctv cameras in the world 😳

the network of cctv cameras in china is so large and so well organised that they recently managed to hunt down and apprehend a bbc reporter in just seven minutes 🙃

granted, the whole thing was a test … but it demonstrated rather well the ability of china’s network of cameras and facial recognition software 📡

there are apparently 170,000,000 cctv cameras throughout the country of china 😱 … for context – the uk has around 6,000,000 and the us around 30,000,000 … china has a lot of cameras 🙈

that said, their recent heavy focus on surveillance doesn’t stop there! they forecast that there will be 400,000,000 by 2020! 😳 how mental is that?!

of course, this huge network of cameras is great because it means that the police can be more effective and the peeps of china are extra safe 👍🏻

the flipside, however, is that there can’t be much privacy?! with that many cameras around, it must be really hard to not be in view of one constantly 😐

told you it was like big brother 😢 i can’t decide whether it’s a good thing or not 🤔 i guess it is?

i’m going to leave that decision to you and go to bed 😂

goodbye 🙂 #tdil


hmmm, let me know what you think in the comments 👍🏻 or, if you feel like more reading is in order, just take a little click over ->here<-

(photo time 😬 – first image is ->here<-, the second is ->here<- and the final image/header is ->here<-)

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