today i learned – mon 6th may 2019

learned this one from a slow mo guys video (which i’ve included 👍🏻) it’s actually proper interesting 😏

#tdil how fire sprinklers work 💧(you know, those things that help put fires out 👍🏻)

as remarked by the slow mo guys, you’ve probably seen plenty of sprinklers go off in films and on tv 👍🏻 but have you ever wondered how they actually work?

nah, if i’m honest, i’d never actually wondered either … but it’s interesting 😅 so here you go!

each sprinkler is attached to a water pipe with a constant feed of water. the water is held back by a metal plate that’s held in place by a glass tube filled with a special alcohol 💧

when it gets hot, the special alcohol expands … it expands so much that it eventually makes the glass explode 😏 this, in turn, causes the metal plate to fall out and frees the high pressure water 🙌🏻

boom! that’s the fire put out 😏 that was a lot of words for very little info 😂 sorry, i’m tired and have too many words spare 🙈 you want to see what that looks like? here’s the slow mo guys 😎

peace 😘 #tdil


that was many many words 🙈 feel like some more? just take a gander ->here<-

(pictures! the header is one i’ve used before but can’t find the license 🙈 the other is ->here<-)

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