today i learned – mon 28th apr 2019

we’re doing some casual surgery today peeps 😏 don yo stethoscopes 😎

#tdil that when you have a kidney transplant, they don’t remove the old kidney 🤔. 

i’ll be honest, this one threw me a little bit; i always thought that the point of a transplant was to get rid of the offending item and swap it with a shiny new one?! i mean, if you don’t remove it then where does the new one go? 😮

never fear, i have the answer 😏 it turns out that your kidneys are in a really hard place for surgeons to get to – they’re well protected and surrounded by things like the adrenal glands. 

now, you don’t really want to risk damaging those important things and you don’t really want to put a patient (i had originally written ‘customer’ there 😂) through unnecessary surgery. as such, they don’t bother getting rid of it (unless the kidney is an issue due to something like a rumour or repeated infections).

but where do they put the new kidney? they place it in the ‘iliac fossa’ … which is apparently in the pelvic area (my medical knowledge from scrubs didn’t cover this). the new kidney is then wired up to a different set of blood vessels to the native ones.

the old kidney will then just chill in the person’s body, get smaller and sit dormant. it’ll remain there forever unless it causes any issues … like those pesky infections again. 

byeee 🔥 #tdil


i enjoy today’s fact because it’s surprising 😁 do you fancy learning something else? just take a look ->here<-

(picture time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)


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