today i learned – thurs 18th apr 2019

in my opinion, there’s nothing worse than when a big flies into your food 🙄 … in south africa it’s totally normal 😅

#tdil some people of south africa fame enjoy snacking on termites and calling it ‘popcorn’ 😳

i’ll be honest, i can think of nothing worse than have a little chew on some crunchy little termites 😷 but each for their own! maybe they’re actually quite nice 🤔

but yeah, in south africa, it’s quite normal just to pluck a little termite from the ground if you’re feeling like you want a snack 🐜 … apparently, a lot of people just eat them raw 🙈

other people head over to the local market to buy a load … to roast them up or fry them for later 😊 as i say, it’s literally just like a popcorn based snack 😂

wondering how they taste? well, according to one of my sources, they taste like carrot 🥕 which is really rather surprising?! 😂 i’ll let you go and try them before i trust that they do … i think i’ll stick to my mixed sweet and salted goodness 😅

peace ✌🏻 #tdil


yesterday’s fact was pretty pointless too 🙈 looks like we’re back to this again 😂 meh! go forth and read some other good stuff ->here<- anyway!

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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