today i learned – weds 17th apr 2019

ever had that awkward moment where you’re not really sure if a speed camera is on or not? 🤔

#tdil that the cameras on variable speed limit stretches of british motorway work even when there’s no variable speed limit 😳

now, if you ask five people whether the cameras are active when there’s no speed limit on show, you’ll probably get five different answers 🙄

thanks to autocar, i can now definitive say that most variable speed limit cameras are always active! in fact, they’re the ones that catch the most peeps speeding!

i actually learned this whilst writing about the fact that highways england are going to review the use of variable speed limits on motorways after a significant rise in the number of speed tickets being issued to people driving under 69mph 😅

interestingly, they also revealed that the variable speed limits are actually based on historical traffic data and not live traffic situations (most of the time) 🙄 …

which explains why you can often get trapped having to do 40 even though the road is totally clear 🙃 #theworstthingever

anyway, back to the original point … apparently worst stretch for getting caught out whilst there is no variable speed limit is on the m1 between tibshelf services and junction 29a at duckmanton 🦆

on that stretch, over 8,000 people were issued tickets in 2017 😢

now, i’m not saying that y’all should be speeding … because speeding is bad 🙈 but yeah, just be careful and stick the speed limit … even if it’s midnight and you really really want to get home 👍🏻

byeeeee 🚔 #tdil


i’m not sure whether this post was a bit depressing or not 🤔 meh, if you want something more fun, take a gander ->here<-

(picture licenses are as follows! the header is ->here<-, picture one is ->here<- and picture two is ->here<-)

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