today i learned – sun 14th apr 2019

i guess you could say that this car is a total brick 😏 (i’m sorry 🙈)

#tdil someone has built a bmw z4 out of bricks 😅

yep, someone has made a z4 out of bricks and mortar … literally because why not 😂 like, there’s actually no other reason than ‘just because’ 🙈

it’s pretty darn awesome as well! whoever built it didn’t skimp on the details 😏 they even built the interior!? which is actually mental 😱

after learning this from the top gear website and then googling it … i’ve actually learned that this isn’t the first brick z4!? #what!? 🤯

in fact, in 2011, a chinese artist made a z4 out of bricks and mortar and then tried to sell it for £80,000! that one even had brick hinges so that the doors open and closed 😱 which is literally insane 😂

peace out peeps ✌🏻 #tdil


now, this fact was massively more useless than most of the ones we’ve had recently! 😅 if you fancy learning something decent, take a pew over ->here<-

(so, i’ll be honest … i don’t know where top gear got these images from … so i don’t know if i’m allowed to use them 🙄 the original news story is ->here<- … hopefully that’s enough!)

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