today i learned – thurs 11th apr 2019

did you ever swallow gum as a kid and then get really paranoid you were stuck with it for years? 😳 yeah, you’ve been lied to 🙈

#tdil that swallowed chewing gum doesn’t stay in your digestive tract for seven whole years 😅

so yeah, it’s one of those sayings that literally everyone has been told at some point … usually straight after accidentally swallowing a lovely chunk of chewable rubber. turns out, all that worrying was for nothing!

after some research i’ve actually found that no one really knows where the myth even came from … despite the fact that it’s literally used everywhere in the world! seems mad that something could spread worldwide before social media/internet/memes/etc 🤔 #originalviral

anyway, some clever people have actually looked into the saying and found that it totally isn’t true. in an interview with scientific american david milov – a pediatric gastroenterologist in orlando – said that if it were true, every single person who had swallowed gum in the last seven years would show evidence in their digestive tract … but most colonoscopies generally don’t!

phew! you can rest easy knowing that the gum you swallowed five years ago isn’t going to be sticking around for another two years … well, you can kinda rest easy 😅.

you see, part of the myth is at least a bit true – chewing gum can’t be completely digested 🙃. whilst some of the stuff in chewing gum can be broken down – stuff like the sweeteners – some of it is completely resistant to the digestive process.

the stuff that can’t be digested is generally made up of rubberlike materials, plasticising softeners, resins and preservative anti-oxidising agents … basically, you’re left with a bunch of plastic rubbish in ya belly 😷.

luckily, it doesn’t stay there forever 👍🏻 it’ll hang around for a while but digestive movements will eventually transport it out of the body … largely intact 💩.

there you have it! swallowing chewing gum will not mean you’re stuck with gum in your digestive system for seven years 🙂 it does, however, mean that you’ll have some plastic rubbish in there … so don’t swallow it 😎

also! just before we finish – if you regularly swallow gum, you can die ☠️ due to a build up of gum that can’t escape the digestive system/that blocks important body pipes … so again – don’t swallow gum!

laterz yo 🤓 #tdil


hopefully, this post hasn’t ruined your childhood beliefs too much 👍🏻 if it has, why not go fill the new found brain space with more blog posts ->here<-

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