today i learned – sun 7th apr 2019

hayfever has been making meh asthma really bad recently 😢 this isn’t the fact i expected to find 🙈

#tdil that jack schmitt, an apollo 17 astronaut and geologist, is considered the first human to suffer from ‘extraterrestrial hayfever’ 👽.

now, you might be thinking to yourself – ‘but there aren’t any plants on the moon!? 😳 how can someone have hayfever?? 🤔’. well, it isn’t hayfever in the traditional earth sense … it’s ‘hayfever’ caused by moon dust.

as soon as schmitt took his helmet off, he was struck by space hayfever … basically, hayfever-esque symptoms that stuck around for a couple of hours 😢. turns out that it wasn’t an isolated incident either … it happened to a few peeps who came into contact with moon dust 🙃.

unlike hayfever that is caused by an allergy to hay, extraterrestrial hayfever is caused by the properties of the dust that covers the moon. the dust is super super fine, as rough as sandpaper and created by lots and lots of impacts from small meteorites that pulverise rocks into a fine powder ☄️.

every time that a ‘micrometeorite’ strikes the planet (#poorplanet) the energy melts the dirt into a vapour that subsequently cools and coats the soil particles in a glassy shell.

as you can imagine, it’s not an ideal thing to have all up in your personal space 😷. it also isn’t great for space suits apparently … it often sludges them up and prevented astronauts from moving their arms 👍🏻

basically … space dust is just a total merh 😂 you should just avoid it altogether and keep playing kerbal space program instead! 🚀

cya 👋🏻 #tdil


well, that was fun 😬 hopefully you enjoyed it 😏 if you feel like reading some more, you just need to go ->here<- 👍🏻 see, it’s easy!

(image ‘o’ clock 👍🏻 the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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