today i learned – fri 5th apr 2019

this one is pretty futuristic and pretty darn wild 🤓 looking forward to this happening!

#tdil that amazon are planning to build a drone that can charge your electric car on the move! 😱

how darn cool is that?! you’d be able to drive for literally ever and never stop to plug your car in 😬 now, that would make me want an electric car 😏

now, it’s probably worth mentioning that amazon haven’t strictly said they’re doing this (that i’m aware of) but they did recently file a patent for the tech 🙌🏻

in the patent, amazon outlined a plan to use autonomous drones that can dock with specially-designed cars and subsequently recharge them 😬

obviously, the fact that amazon have been granted this patent doesn’t mean that we’ll deffo 100% be seeing mad recharging drones flying around any time soon … if at all!

that said, it does show that amazon could do something like it and that they’re interesting in leccy car tech 🙌🏻 it’s also a pretty interesting concept … who wouldn’t want to never stop for fuel?! 😏

cya 😘 #tdil


don’t get used to this level of informative fact goodness 🙈 … fancy reading more stuff? just go ->here<-

(image time! first image can be found ->here<-, the second image and header is ->here<- and the final image is ->here<-)

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