today i learned – weds 20th mar 2019

things google could be doing: saving the world, making more awesome logos, making mad investments. what google are doing:

#tdil a google employee just figured out pi 31.4 trillion digits 🤓

yep, that thing you used to use at school – usually as just 3.14 or a button on your calculator – has been figured out to an insane number of digits by a google employee called emma haruka iwao 👍🏻

how did she do that? well, she used the might that is google’s cloud infrastructure! 🖥 it’s actually the same thing that was used by the previous record holder.

it apparently took 25 virtual machines a total of 121 days to figure out the mental number that she ended up with … which is a little insane 😳 they got there by doing some mega complex calculations 🤓

it’s pretty insane that she ended up with such a big number 😅 in real numbers it’s 31,415,926,535,897 😂 even that is long 🙈

you may be wondering what use pi to that many places actually has 🤔 honest truth … very little 😅 like, nasa literally only use it to 15 decimal places to launch rockets 🚀

i pretty much just love that this world record is almost as useless as most of the facts on this blog 😂

peace ✌🏻#tdil


woooooo! an actual kinda interesting fact about something useless! 😂 fancy reading something else? just look ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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