today i learned – weds 13th mar 2019

i literally love this fact … it’s massively surprising and makes great trivia at family get togethers 😏

#tdil that the world’s largest tyre manufacturer is actually lego! 😳

yep, of all the people, it’s lego who makes the most tyres every year?! like, not bridgestone, not pirelli, not continental … but a company that makes kids toys πŸ˜‚

in fact, in 2011, lego produced almost twice as many tyres as the main brands that i mentioned earlier! of a total of 15 billion lego pieces produced, they actually made 318 million tyres (870,000 a day) in 2011 whilst bridgestone (the second highest number) only made 190 million πŸš—.

lego started making lego tyres for their sets in 1962 with set no.400 – a ‘universal business set’ that made a few different things πŸ‘πŸ». that set was the best selling set in 1967 … with total sales of over 820,000 boxes.

apparently, before that set, peeps just made wheels out of standard lego bricks πŸ™ˆ can’t imagine that they rolled all that well πŸ˜… must have been like the prototype wheel that cavemen made πŸ˜‚ (that’s possibly another post idea right there)

anyway, there’s actually nothing else to say on this matter πŸ™ƒ so i’m going to stop! hope you’ve enjoyed y’all!

see ya 😘 #tdil


literally adore lego … just wish it wasn’t so expensive πŸ˜• anyway, if you want some more goodness, you can go ->here<-

(images today – the header image and picture of lots of tyres were taken by me πŸ‘πŸ» the image of set no.400 came from ->here<-)

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