today i learned – fri 15th feb 2019

has your phone bill ever got randomly out of hand? 🙄 next time it does … it could be a bird’s fault! 🦅

#tdil a stork once racked up a massive phone bill for a polish charity 📱

yep, i’m talking about one of those really big birds … racking up a massive phone bill 😂 how does that even happen? they don’t have hands to use a phone!? ☎️well, this one didn’t need a phone … it had a tracker fitted with a sim card on its back instead.

turns out that a polish charity named ‘the environmental ecologic group’ was trying to track the bird’s migratory habits but, after it had travelled 3,700 miles to eastern sudan, the charity lost track of it 🤷🏻‍♂️

this is where the big bill happens … someone found the tracker, took the sim card and then started using it for themselves 🙈 racking up a whopping bill of over £2,000! 😳

awkwardly, the ecologic group are now left to pay that bill 😅 whilst some dude or dudette in sudan has had a great time with some free data 🙌🏻

anyway, this was a totally random pointless one today 😂 but it was still pretty amusing 👍🏻

byeee 😏 #tdil


not really a fact today 😅 if you want one of those, you need to go look ->here<-

(woooo image time! the header is ->here<- and the other picture is ->here<-)

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