today i learned – mon 11th feb 2019

do you want to do a horse based sport but find horse sports cruel? 🤔 this could be your new favourite thing 😏

#tdil that there is an actual sport that actually exists called ‘hobbyhorse riding’ 😳 ummm …

nope, that isn’t a special horse term for some unique form of equine sport … it literally refers to those toy horses that feature a cuddly horses head attached to a long pole 🐴

you know what, i think the best thing to do is actually show you the sport in action #videotime 📺

apparently, the sport originally took off in finland and is incredibly popular with people aged between 12 and 18. like, by ‘took off’ i don’t mean that a couple of people have started doing it 😶 it has gained over 10,000 followers really quickly.

in fact, it has become so big that in april of this year, there was a ‘hobbyhorse national championship’ held in helsinki … with competitors taking part in events such as dressage and showjumping 🤙🏻

to be honest, it looks like there has been a fair amount of flak thrown at this rather bizarre sport 🙈 but, after watching that video, i seriously can’t fault those involved 👍🏻

i mean: they all seem to love it, they’re developing skills they can probably use elsewhere in life, they’re keeping/getting fit, they aren’t on the streets setting cats on fire and conceivably they could have a unicorn as their hobbyhorse?! 🦄😱

if anything, in a world filled with the likes of the trumpmeister, we need more sports with unicorns 🙌🏻. it’s also super cheap to get started in … just look ->here<- at this cute lil critter 😏 #christmas #exercise

and thus concludes my ‘critical’ analysis of hobbyhorse riding 🙂 what a time to be alive 😂

much love peeps 😘 #tdil


i’m not really sure how this will ever be of use to you … but at least it kept you away from doing work for five 😎 if you feel like you need more time off, just go ->here<-

(we’ve had quite a lot of pictures of horse on the blog recently 🤔 of all of those pictures however, hobbyhorses were impossible to find 😒 … meh, licenses are as follows – the showjumping picture/header is ->here<- and that majestic horse silhouette is ->here<-)

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