today i learned – sat 9th feb 2019

today’s fact could be very useful providing you have a spare £150,000+ sitting around 😅

#tdil that you can now buy a legit formula e racing car for an absolute steal 🏎

i should probably have said that i mean ‘steal’ in relative terms 🙈 like, they’re cheap when you compare them to racing cars of a similar ilk 😅 … they’re still hella expensive to me 😂

but anyway! you can now buy an actual racing car that actually competed in the actual first four seasons of the all-electric formula series 👍🏻 … for as little as £150,000!?

when you compare that to other top tier racing cars (that can cost from £500,000 – £20million), it’s actually really cheap 😏 after all, you are getting an important piece of automotive history.

further than that, they’re actually ready to race 😏 making them the perfect track day or hillclimb car 😁 just imagine taking to silverstone and not worrying about all the polar bears that you’re killing! 😱

each car comes with a 28kwh lithium-ion battery, a 270hp electric motor and the ability to complete around 12-17 laps before needing a recharge 🤷🏻‍♂️ … oh, the charging cable comes with the car 😁

when you compare it to the crop of track day cars currently out there, it actually makes for some comparatively cheap and easy racing – no need for racing fuel, cheaper parts and cheaper tyres 🙌🏻

why are they being sold off? well, all 40 of the first generation formula e cars were owned by the series and leased out to teams (because new sports are scary to companies 🙈). now however, four years after its beginning, the second generation cars are about to be released 😏

much like other motorsports, these cars are now owned by the teams … which means that all the old cars now just sit with nothing to do 🤷🏻‍♂️😢

i actually quite want one 😎 … but only because i could deffo never be able to buy a formula one car 😅

laters 😘 #tdil


enjoyed this one today … need to stop with the car facts though 🙈 fancy some other facts? just take a look ->here<-

(all images from the formula e press room 👍🏻 ->here<-)

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