today i learned – sun 3rd jan 2019

this is another one of those completely pointless facts that’ll never be it any use to you 😂

#tdil that the song ‘africa’ by toto is playing on an endless loop in the namibian desert 😳

told you it was pointless 🙈 but it’s such a random fact that i had to stick it on the blog 😂

why exactly is africa by toto playing in the desert? well, it’s an art piece by a dude called max siedentopf 😎, that is supposed to celebrate the enduring popularity of the song 😂

the actual location is a secret … but somewhere in the namibian desert, max has set up a solar powered stereo that plays the song on an endless loop … forever and ever 🙌🏻

there’s not really anything else to say 😂 i just thought this needed to be out there 👍🏻

laters 🥰 #tdil


i’ve missed random posts like this 😂 fancy reading something less pointless? just look ->here<-

(only one picture today … you’ll find it ->here<-)

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