today i learned – sun 27th jan 2019

i’ll be honest … i’d love to have this guy’s luck 😱 (tbh, he did deserve it 😏)

#tdil an ozzy truck driver once won two scratch cards in a row 😎

now, at face value, that doesn’t sound like all that much 😅 however, when you properly look into it, the story is pretty damn incredible!

you see ozzy truck driver, bill morgan, was in an accident in work where he was actually officially dead for 14 minutes 😨 luckily, he decided not to stay dead 🙌🏻

to celebrate not being dead anymore, bill decided to buy a scratch card … and subsequently won a $27,000 car 🚗 pretty awesome! that’s not all though 🙈

the media loved the story (as you can imagine) and they asked him re-enact his winning moment … so, he bought another scratch card … and subsequently won a $250,000 jackpot! 💰💰

how amazing is that?! two jackpots in a row?! 😱 when you think about it though, he was owed it … after dying and being in a coma for 12 days! 🙈

laters 😍 #tdil


pretty amazing huh! fancy reading something else? just take a little gander ->here<-

(image time! the header ->here<- and the other ->here<-)

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