today i learned – thurs 24th jan 2019

french fries are a lie!! don’t trust their name people!! 😱

#tdil that french fries 🍟 didn’t actually originate in france 😳 (why so many lies food industry?!)

apparently, french fries actually originated in belgium 🙃 and were an alternative to fried fish over winter #welcomechange

you see, in the 1600s, the poorer villagers living in the meuse valley would often catch fish and then fry them #earlybatteredcod #dontknowifactualcod.

the problem with this is that over winter #winteriscoming the rivers would freeze over ❄️ … which is mighty inconvenient. at that point, people would start frying potatoes instead 👍🏻 et voila – french fries.

well, they weren’t called french fries back then; it wasn’t until world war one that the term was coined by american soldiers. basically, they thought they were tasty and needed a name … belgians speak french and they’re fried 😂 #tadaaa

there you go! 👍🏻 french fries aren’t french 🙃 they’re belgian and named by the americans … the french had literally nothing to do with them!

the food industry need to stop lying to us 😒 #itsaconspiracy 👽 … anyway, that’s all from me today!

laters 😕 #tdil


just wow! what a fact! #cheesymuch 😷 feel like learning more cool things? all you need to do is go ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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