today i learned – sat 12th jan 2019

think your commute to work is interesting? it’s nothing on this 😱

#tdil exactly how the scientists, contractors and other staff members of area 51 commute to work 😏

it’s a good question … like, how on earth do you travel to the middle of the nevada desert to go to work at one of the most secret military bases in the world?! 🤔 it must be a real inconvinience 🙄

well, despite not utilising alien technology, it turns out that it’s a commute like no other and requires the use of a top secret ‘airline’ called “janet” 🛫

operating out of a classified terminal at las vegas’ mccarran international airport, the unofficial name apparently stands for ‘just another non-existent terminal’ or ‘joint air network for employee transportation’.

janet operates a fleet of white boeing 737s that feature a red stripe running along the body of the aircraft (you can actually see them on google maps/earth! 😱 go to mccarran and look around the vicinity of the top left corner 😉)

of course, this is all top secret and the janet aircraft ‘don’t really go to area 51’ 😅 … but if you look at the endless flight records, you’ll see that the aircraft actually disappear towards the end of their flight through super restricted airspace that sits within really restricted airspace 😎

insanely, there was actually a job going at the start of the year to become cabin crew on these insanely secret planes 😱 … i really wish i’d have known! think of all the alien friends that i could have made by now 👽🙌🏻 #alienfriend

bye 😏 #tdil


love an area 51 fact! i think i might do some more of these 🤔 until then, why not go read something else ->here<-

(image time! despite the fact it’s ‘top secret’ it’s really easy to find pictures of janet 🙈 the header is ->here<-, the other image is ->here<- and the other two are grabs from google maps 👍🏻)

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