today i learned – fri 11th jan 2019

due to the large amount of blackheads on my snozz 👃🏻 i couldn’t help but wonder how they differ from other spots 🤔

#tdil what blackheads are and how they differ from whiteheads 🙄spots … i was promised that, one day when i was older, all meh spots would fall off and i’d never get them ever again … i was lied too 😢 i guess, if they’re here to stay, we may as well understand them 🤷🏻‍♂️

so, i guess we should start with what spots are in the first place – they’re pores that become blocked with a wax plug made of dead skin cells, general debris and bacteria 😷

this blockage prevents your glands from secreting and shedding the aforementioned … which is important 🙄 the result, is a grim spot that appears only when you’re about to go somewhere special 👍🏻

now, this is where the two differ … a blackhead is caused when this wax plug gets pushed up towards the skin’s surface. this causes it to come into contact with air and subsequently it becomes oxidised – this turns the plug of gubbins black 🙃

whiteheads are also a collection of grim stuff below the skin’s surface … but, as you’ve probably guessed, their shizz never gets exposed to air 👍🏻

that isn’t where the white stuff comes from though 🙈 that’s actually an inflammatory response from you body that occurs when a clogged pore comes under too much pressure and eventually ruptures 😷 your body basically pushes the white rubbish up to the surface 👎🏻

usually, posts like this now go into how to remove the aforementioned blemishes 😅 however, i’m neither a dermatologist or a beauty blogger 😂 #noqualifications

in lieu of that, you can find professionals telling you how to remove them ->here<- … or you could invest in some of those mental pore strips 🙌🏻 it may have pulled half my nose off, but it has deffo worked 😏

peace out 🤙🏻 #tdil


you know, i’ve been genuinely wondering about this for years 🙈 just kept forgetting 🤷🏻‍♂️ want to read more? just go ->here<-

(right, picture time! the header is ->here<-, picture one is ->here<- and picture two ->here<-)

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