today i learned – weds 9th jan 2019

i’ll be honest, i’ve shared this before 😅 but i feel like this deserves to be shared again! think of it like a throwback thursday … on weds 😂

#tdil that there’s a dude out there who has saved around 2 million babies due to his blood donations! 😱

the hero’s name is james “the man with the golden arm” harrison and, as you read up there âŦ†ī¸, he has saved the lives of around 2 million babies 🙌đŸģ

when you consider that they say the average person can save around 1000 people through donating blood, james is really overachieving 🙈

the reason for his lifesaving ability is a super rare blood type that is rich in an antibody called ‘anti-d immunoglobulin’ 😊 … something that is required to help babies with rhesus disease đŸ˜ĸ

rhesus disease causes the mother’s immune system to attack the fetus’ blood cells as it treats them as invaders … this can cause the fetus to have a heart attack ☚ī¸

the anti-d immunoglobulin in james’ blood can prevent this from happening 😁 and subsequently save the baby’s life 🙌đŸģ

actually amazing 😊 the dude is totally a superhero 😁 doing his bit for sure!

go forth and give blood people! it’s easy and pretty chill and a little scary but there are free biscuits and you get a good feeling and it’s actually good for your heart 😏

i’ll even make it easy for you to sign up or learn more … literally just click ->here<- 😏 #notsponsored

byeeeeeeee! 🙊 #tdil


i feel like this one is actually inspiring and worthwhile 😊 i like it! anyway, if you want to read more crazy stuff, go ->here<-

(picture time 😁 the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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