today i learned – tues 8th jan 2019

as new tech inventions go, this is pretty awesome 😏

#tdil someone has invented tech that makes whatever you’re towing disappear 😎

well, it kinda does … it makes them disappear in the sense that you can look in your rear view mirror and not having it blocking your vision 👍🏻

i never tow things but i can see how this invention would be really super useful 😏 i mean, it must be really difficult to see what’s around you when you’ve a giant caravan or trailer behind you.

the tech, designed by valeo, basically uses cameras behind your vehicle and trailer and sticks them on a little monitor in the cabin … think of it as a rear view mirror that looks through your trailer 👍🏻

it’s pretty cool … kinda works like the tech that 007 had when he had that vanquish that could go invisible 😁

byeee 😘 #tdil


quite enjoyed this one 😁 fancy reading something else? just take a little gander ->here<-

(image time! the header came from ->here<- and the other ->here<-)

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