today i learned – mon 7th jan 2019

you know how being environmentally friendly is hella important? well, lego are bossing it 🙌🏻

#tdil lego have rolled out environmentally friendly bricks made of sugarcane 😍

that’s right, lego have made some plant-shaped bricks, made entirely from sugarcane plastic, that you can actually buy! 😁

whilst a few plant-shaped bricks may not seem like that big of a deal, lego plan to roll out this type of brick to most lego products by 2030 … so the fact that you can now actually buy them is an epic step 🙌🏻

the sugarcane plastic pieces are made from 98% polyethylene and meet guidelines of the world wildlife fund (wwf) due to sugarcane’s ability to suck up co2 as it grows 👍🏻

they’re not biodegradable … but they are recyclable 😏 which would mean that lego bricks in 2030 help to remove co2 from the atmosphere and can be turned into new lego bricks/other things once you’re done with them 😁

at the mo, you can get your very own lego plant goodness when you spend $40 or more at a lego store (providing you’re in the uk, us, canada, germany or austria … and that they aren’t out 🙈)

all-in-all this is a pretty positive step on lego’s behalf 😊 i’m all-in with this goodness 😏

byeee 🌿 #tdil


this was quite a nice one to start the week with 😊 fancy reading something else? just take a little gander ->here<-

(picture time! the header came from lego ->here<- and the other from ->here<- … that second one was pretty awful … but lego images are hard to come by!)

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