today i learned – sun 6th jan 2019

could this be the cheekiest fact on the blog? 🤔 i’ll let you decide 😏

#tdil that salavdor dali used to avoid paying for meals by using his artistic ability 🥩

apparently, mr.dali used to love money 💰 … to such an extent that he came up with clever ways to ensure he never had to pay for anything 😏

that included paying for meals out with his friends. instead of paying the bill, he’d simply take out a cheque and draw some form of artistic masterpiece upon it ✍🏻

he’d then hand it to the waiter/manager/who evs … without ever writing a number on the cheque 💷. of course, the teller that took the cheque would then never cash it due to its value … i mean, it’s a dali masterpiece!?

job done, meal (kinda) paid for and not a $ spent! 😎 it’s a massive win win win – dali keeps all of this mular, his mates think he’s super generous and the restaurant gets a one-off daily piece 😏

there you have it! if you want to eat for free at every single restaurant – regardless of how many of you there are – simply become a world famous artist 🤷🏻‍♂️ #simples

okay, i’ll admit, not overly useful for most of us untalented mortals … but interesting none-the-less 😜

peace out 🙌🏻 #tdil


i’m not sure whether this post counts as pointless or not? 🤔 meh, if you want to read something of substance, take a look over ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<- and the other is ->here<-)

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