today i learned – thurs 3rd jan 2019

read this fact earlier today and it actually made my life πŸ˜‚

#tdil a man caused a full scale police response after screaming at a spider πŸ•·

it all occurred because a person passing by the house heard a screaming child and a man within the house shouting “why don’t you die?!” 😳

obviously, fearing the worst, the passer-by called the police. the police subsequently scrambled multiple officers … worrying that a murder was in progress πŸ™ˆ

when they arrived, they found that it wasn’t murder … well, not human murder πŸ˜… instead, it was a guy with a deathly fear of spiders trying to remove a huge spider from his house πŸ•·

the local police later posted the police report to their twitter account where it said:

literally lol’d so much at this little bit of fun πŸ˜‚ i’m very easily amused!

hope you enjoyed 😘

peace πŸ™ŒπŸ» #tdil


another fact down! fancy reading something else? just take a gander ->here<-

(images! the police report came from twitter 😏 … if i’m honest, the other two are from other posts and i don’t remember their exact links! they are, however, both from pexels 😘)

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