today i learned – tues 1st jan 2019

feels very strange writing 2019 for the first time! 🙈 hope you had a good new years eve! time for a totally unrelated fact 😂

#tdil how they made the sound the the tie fighters make in star wars!

told you it was totally unrelated to new years 😂 thing is, i watched star wars earlier and couldn’t help but wonder about the noise made by all those bad space ships 🤔

after some research, i’ve found the answer! 😁 turns out that the sound is a mixture of a car on wet pavement and a screeching elephant 🐘 which kinda makes sense 😏

interestingly, the cars in question were actually recorded outside ben burtt’s – sound designer – motel! they were just cars driving through puddles whilst going about their business! 🚗

anyway that’s another very random fact over 😂 i hope that you enjoyed it! have a good start to the year y’all!

laters 😉 #tdil


woop, another fact done 😏 fancy reading some more goodness? just take a gander ->here<-

(picture time! only a header image today 😁 you’ll find it ->here<-)

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